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Canada is a nation bound by three great oceans. The future of Canada’s Pacific Ocean will be in the hands of youth and BMSC LIVE provides stimulating and engaging marine sciences learning opportunities, aligned to meet curriculum outcomes. The cost of visiting us, in the remote village of Bamfield on west coast Vancouver Island, makes our field trips out of reach to many students. To address this disparity, we have developed interactive Live Lab lessons using video-conferencing technologies combined with other new media such as video, Google Earth and PowerPoint. We also deliver underwater learning sessions called Live Dives, using a sophisticated array of sub-sea and surface communication hardware. During Live Dives, students are connected to SCUBA divers and can both speak to and hear the diver in real-time. For each Live Dive and Live Lab, free lesson plans, media materials and other resources are designed to be used on their own, or integrated with our interactive video conferences.

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Curriculum Connections: Lesson-by-lesson summary of alignment to curricula.
Program Evaluation: Results of an external evaluation of the Bridging the Gap with Ocean Sciences project.

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